The SUNS Center provides direct services to students with disabilities in order to ensure they have compliant evaluations and appropriate Related Services.  The Center conducts evaluations and re-evaluations in accordance with the Louisiana State Department of Education’s Bulletin 1508 criteria.  The Related Services of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy are provided to those students whose IEPs indicate the need for a Related Service.


What are Direct Services?
Direct Services include the following:

  1. Pupil Appraisal services including student screening, special education evaluation and assistance with IEP development.  All evaluations will meet the Louisiana Department of Education’s Bulletin 1508 criteria.

  2. Related Services to students who meet Bulletin 1508 criteria and for whom IEP teams have determined the need and level of services.  The Related Services of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy may be provided through the Center.

Who is eligible for Direct Services?
Any student who is experiencing academic or behavior problems may be referred for consideration for a Special Education Evaluation.  Center staff will conduct screening activities to determine if an Evaluation is needed.

A student may be eligible for a Related Service if s/he has a current Bulletin 1508  Evaluation that indicates the need for a Related Service.


How does a school request Direct Services for a student?
The school should contact the SUNS Center directly.  A SUNS Center staff member will visit the school to help clarify the need for services and to determine what additional action is needed.


Is there a fee for Direct Services?
Yes, there is a fee for Direct Services.  Please click on “Center Fee Chart” to see a list of the various services and the fees charged for those services.


Who will provide the Direct Services?
The SUNS Center has contracts with qualified individuals who will provide the Direct Services.
All evaluations will be conducted according to Bulletin 1508 criteria by State licensed and certified appraisal staff. 
Related Services will be provided by State licensed and certified Related Services staff.


How will schools be billed for Direct Services?
Services will begin once the determination for Direct Services is made and the school site agrees to the service and the fees charged.  Schools will be invoiced monthly for Direct Services.

Direct Services

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