The SUNS Center provides supports to schools to help them design and implement effective instructional programs for students with disabilities.  Support Services include on-site technical assistance as well as the provision of  professional development opportunities.  The Center offers a variety of inservices on topics relevant to individuals providing services to students at-risk for academic and behavior concerns.  In addition, the Center will work with an individual school to customize a professional development opportunity relevant to the schools’ staff and student needs.


What are Support Services?

 Support Services include the following:

  1. On-site technical assistance to school staff in identifying and meeting the needs of students who are at-risk.
  2. On-site technical assistance to help schools ensure they are providing educational programs that are compliant with federal and state regulations.
  3. Provision (or arrangement) of professional development to assist school sites in meeting the needs of students who are at-risk. Click on the Professional Development link to review a list of possible professional development opportunities.

Who is eligible for Support Services?

Any school in the Greater New Orleans area is eligible to receive technical support and assistance.


How does a school request Support Services?

The school should contact the SUNS Center directly.  A SUNS Center staff member will work with the school to determine what supports are needed and how they may be provided.


Is there a fee for Support Services?

Yes, there may be a fee for Support Services depending on the level of support needed and the time involved.  There is no charge for technical assistance provided through telephone conversations.


Who will provide the Support Services?

Support Services will be provided by SUNS Center staff or by expert consultants with whom the SUNS Center has contracted.


How will schools be billed for Support Services?

Schools will be invoiced monthly for Support Services for which a fee is charged.

Direct Services

Support Services

Information and Referral Services

Fee Chart

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